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Focus of the Day

  • CSOKI Buyout Promos

  • VZW Trade Credit Promos

  • VZW Bogo Credit Promos

  • Reviewing Pullthroughs

Candidate Tasks

  • Role Play discovery for pull through items

  • Role Play positioning for pull through items

  • Familiarize yourself with how promos work

  • Familiarize yourself with how to leverage Promos to get more sales

Day 8

Promos & Pull Throughs


Mentor Activities

  • Discuss popular Promos and how the mechanics work

  • Discuss how to leverage Promos to get more sales

  • Role Play Pull-Through discovery and positioning

  • Recap Sales Mix Day


  • Study Plans

  • Study Each Pull-Through

  • Study Promos

  • Complete the Protect this House section of CSOKI Trainings

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