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Focus of the Day

  • Discuss Pros of Trade Ins

  • How to Process a Trade

  • Inspecting a Trade

  • Ways to Leverage a Trade

  • Quoting a Trade

  • Shipping a Trade

Candidate Tasks

  • Trade Process Walk Through

  • Learn How to get a Quote

  • Role Play positioning a trade promo

  • Role Play positioning an organic trade to sell more products

Day 9

Hyla Trade


Mentor Activities

  • Introduce Hyla Trade

  • How to Quote a trade

  • How to process a trade

  • Role Play positioning a trade, organic and promo trades

  • Trade Shipping Procedures

  • Recap Snapdeals


  • Study Plans

  • Study Hyla Trade

  • Complete the ISPU CSOKI Trainings

  • Study for Midterm

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