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Welcome to CSpike!!! CSpike is a leads generating system designed to help you create customer traffic for yourself using customers that have bought from us before! Check out the required steps below for how to use this great resource and reach out with questions! See you on the board!!!!

Step 1

Setup your Ringcentral to get prepared to call. Ringcentral is an app on your phone that you use to call customers for CSpike. It allows tracking and recoarding of calls, as well as giving you a different number from your personal to call from. Click the link for the process to get started.

Step 3

Now that you are ready to make the call, use the scripting provided to talk to the customer. Follow the script to earn the right to speak with the customer about their account, and get them in for an appointment to take care of any issues that they are having.

Step 2

Access the CSpike app and find a campaign. The campaigns are sorted by store to make it easier to call. Stay away from the campaign that is titled "SG Shot Callers", this is used for our call center. Review the links below for a walkthrough and direct access to the app.

Step 4

Once your call is complete, make sure you disposition the lead accordingly. On the left hand side of the lead page, you'll see a drop down menu which lets you chose from multiple call results. By completing the disposition, it ensures that the customer will not be called by anyone else and prevents them from getting harassed. This is imperative to the customer experience.


And that's it, you're ready to go!! Reach out to your mentor, your TL, or your GM if you have any major issues. This system is designed to help you generate business and help you make the most of your time on the floor. Check out the rules below to stay in compliance and happy calling!!!

  • You must disposition each lead

  • You must call from Ringcentral

  • No texting customers unless you have they're permission

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