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Focus of the Day

  • Audit Guidelines

  • Shift Responsibilities

  • Sales Order in Omni

  • Sales Order in RQ

  • ISPU

Candidate Tasks

  • Audit Store and email copy to TTL Josh or Nikki

  • Walk-through or process a Sales Order

  • Walk-through or process Sales Order Fulfillment

  • Roleplay Sales Order Expectations 

  • Deeper Customer Interaction

Day 11

Sales Order & Audits

download (1).png

Mentor Activities

  • Review Audit Checklist

  • Review Shift Responsibilities

  • Get your candidate to complete a Store Audit and email the results to their TTL

  • Walk-through or Process a Sales Order

  • Review Midterm Roleplay

  • More trainee to customer interaction


  • Study Plans

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