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Focus of the Day

Day 19

  • Verbiage - How you say something is more impactful than what you say (mostly) 

  • All about the tactics, specifics and high level sales techniques

  • Trigger Words (words you want to avoid saying)

  • Sell Yourself

Sell Without Selling

Be The Expert


Candidate Tasks

  • Be the student

  • Roll play- focus on verbiage     Assuming the sale

    • Insurance

    • Accessories

    • Spiff phone

    • Set-up fee

    • Up/Act fee

Overcoming/avoiding objections

  • Insurance​

  • Accessories

  • Non-spiff

  • Set-up fee

  • Up/Act fee

Mentor Activities

  • This is where you show the student the “Five Point Exploding Heart Technique” (see Kill Bill)

  • Show them your best kept secrets

  • The subtleties, the things you do without thinking but are strategic about 

  • How do you dance around words like insurance, contract, upgrade, 

  • How to answer the question “do you sell replacement batteries here”

  • How to make pulling up every account easy


  • Study Plans

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