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Focus of the Day

  • Recap Finals With Your Mentor

  • Promo Application

Day 18

Final Review



Candidate Tasks

  • Review Final Results

    • Review / Recap Roleplay & Objections


    • Ask Questions Related to Promotions

    • Ask Questions on Promotion Restrictions & Eligibility

    • Ask Questions About Common Promotion Mistakes

    • What Is A Buyout?

    • How Do Buyouts Work

  • Why Are Buyouts  “DANGEROUS BUT GOOD”

Mentor Activities

  • Go Over & Discuss Final Results 

  • Dive Deep Into Promos

    • Don't Get Hung On The Promos, Sell Yourself First Use Promos To Support

  • Buyouts

    • The Good

    • The Bad- How To Get In Trouble

    • Why They Are One Of The Most Important Promos

    • CSOKI Exclusive


  • Study Plans

  • Study Promos

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