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Business Certification

Next comes webinars!!! Webinars are a great opportunity to get questions answered and learn about strategies you can't get from a course. Hear from market leadership, the national business team, and various business managers with Verizon to really take your knowledge to the next level!!

SMB 101 Webinar

This webinar is with the national business team and acts as a great intro into the world of business!!! It also is the final requirement to complete your SMB 101 cornerstone curriculum.

Business Breakdown Webinar

This webinar happens every Thursday at 8:30am and is held with several other markets and B2B managers with Verizon. It's a great call to hear insight and get support as you start your journey.

Step 2: Webinars

Online Meeting

SG Market Business Intro

And finally, here is the cool webinar!!! Members of the SG Training Team along with business leaders in our own market give you the info about how to get business done SG style!!! We talk about the money making opportunities, the best way to close sales, and how awesome it is to have business in your toolbox!!

Next Intro Webinars:

March 10th 2pm

March 17th 10am

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